Our Services - Your Benefit

Market Intelligence

  • Gain inside Knowledge of niche-market openings in your specific sector.

Market studies produced by the Fraunhofer Institutes observe industrial trends, monitor changing competitive factors and analyze the real needs of our customers within the context of their respective lines of business. These analytical market and technology reports identify the relevant areas of the market in which your innovative products have the best chance of success.

Technology Road Mapping

  • Optimize your return on investment and capitalize your resources.

Plan your future product technologies on the basis of your company's specific business strategy and core competencies. Set up a customized technology and product roadmap – quickly, reliably and systematically – that will clearly identify the product technologies and innovations offering the most viable route to future business success.

Innovative Products and Services

  • Be the market leader and play an active role in shaping competitive market factors in your line of business.

As part of their mission as technological trendsetters, the Fraunhofer Institutes develop highly innovative market and customer-oriented products and services in line with corporate needs. By accelerating the pace of innovation and improving your company's core competencies, you can sustain your presence in esxisting and future markets.

Cost-Effective Processes

  • Beat your competitors by offering cheaper products.

The Fraunhofer Institutes also develop innovative cost-effective production processes and system-oriented design methods. Production costs are the main competitive factor in many developing regions and certain branches of industry. Our innovative processes enable you to offer your products at a much lower price than your competitors. This approach also allows us to develop appropriate technological solutions for developing countries.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Develop your own capacity by acquiring new sources of knowledge.

Fraunhofer represents the ideal combination of fundamental science, applied research and practical implementation. Our training services benefit from our extensive links with German and international research institutes, universities, manufacturers and users. This gives you the benefit of first-hand knowledge of the latest scientific theories and their practical implementation.

Demonstration Centers

  • Discover applications of Fraunhofer innovations in a real-life context.

The results of research at the Fraunhofer Institutes are tested, evaluated and optimized under realistic conditions in our own test laboratories, demonstration centers and application centers. None of our innovations are released without first having been tested and proven. You are cordially invited to visit the demonstration centers at our Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany.

Numerous Reference Projects

  • Benefit from the experience of thousands of Fraunhofer customers throughout the world.

Each year the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft conducts research projects on behalf of over 4000 industrial customers, ranging from small businesses (SMEs) to multinational corporations. You can be assured that our innovations have been tested and implemented in a genuine business environment.

Long-Term Financial Support

  • Raise long-term funding for technology-intensive projects.

As a technology-intensive company, you are looking for long-term funding on favorable terms in order to finance heavy costs of business development. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has an excellent relationship with European banks operating in South-East Asia, who will be able to provide you with venture capital to finance knowledge-intensive development projects or obtain export credit facilities for buying European technologies.